Day 9 Another Blog Challenge

Today’s instructions are to list my worst habits.  That one is fairly easy it’s just a matter of putting them in any sort of order.  I suppose being disorganized in many ways is a bad habit.  I am the sort of person who keeps things here and there.  I don’t mind clutter.

My number one worst habit of all time has to be procrastination.  I put things off plain and simple.  I wait till the last minute because then I find I can better funnel all my ideas into something useful.  When I have too much time, I have too many thoughts and no incentive to organize them into anything even remotely useful.

Unfortunately, with procrastination and disorganization come consequences.  I don’t always pull it out at the last second.  Sometimes there just is no way to do it.  Take tonight for instance.  I am sitting here with a frown on my face because I can’t watch Netflix on the big screen television because I transmit it to this television via my XBox.  That is normally not a problem but when I turned it on tonight to flip on good old Netflix – it told me that my XBox Live membership had expired.  I have to have an XBox Live membership to get Netflix.

Now, an organized person would have already purchased a new membership because they would have known this event was coming.  Me on the other hand, I just wait until it tells me it’s expired and I run down to the store and buy a new one.  But tonight I waited to turn the XBox on until the store was already closed.  Yes I live in an area where the nearby stores close at 9 p.m.

Now I could drive a bit more distance to the 24 hour Meijers or Walgrens stores down the road.  But that brings me to my other bad habit.

I am naturally lazy.  I hate to do anything that I can put off for some other time.  And it really comes down to how important is Netflix?  Is it important enough to trot on down to the corner store and buy a new membership?  Yes.  Because it only takes a few minutes.  Is it important enough to drive five minutes down the road and spend another five or ten, probably fifteen minutes at the 24 hour stores? No.

I have other important things to do with my time.  Like writing informative and interesting posts on wordpress.  O.k. well I’ll settle for writing a post that might make someone laugh.


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