Day 8 Another Blog Challenge: Contents of a Handbag

Number 8 on the list of this challenge is to list all the items in your handbag.  I personally have never called my purse a “handbag” but we’ll just skip that.  I should note, before I begin this very long list of oddities that my purse weighs at least 10 pounds.  It is a heavy beast of a thing.

Here for your contemplation, are the current contents of my ‘handbag’:

Three birth certificates (one for each of my children)

Three records of immunizations (again, one for each of my kids)

A copy of paperwork associated with a sports physical back in the fall

My wallet wherein money, debit cards, insurance card, Kroger card, AAA card, old Blockbuster membership card, Pet Smart card, Dicks Sporting Goods card, Hallmark card, old UofL student ID card, drivers license, receipts, appointment cards for various places, a random Tarot card, the Buckle card, Super Cuts card, Goodwill card – the last three are those cards where they punch a hole for every visit and eventually you get a free or discount something, and an errant earring reside

A few random hair barrettes and clips along with a few ponytail holders

A button

A pink plastic breast cancer bracelet

A small pink breast cancer pin

A Derby pin for 2013

Two pieces of candy circa 2009 or 2010 – for the curious, they are Werther’s Originals which I have not bought since sometime in 2009 or 2010

Two McDonald’s toys

Four crayons

Three checkbooks of accounts I have since closed when I switched banks years ago

A savings account book with no entries because I was too lazy to ever write them down

A book – currently the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche

A broken number 2 pencil and a working mechanical pencil

One broken pen and two working pens

Three pieces to a broken toy bracelet

A friendship bracelet

Two necklaces

A watch in need of a new battery

A copy of a bank statement

A program for a wrestling banquet three years ago

A schedule for wrestling events from last year

A set of stapled pages of printed out coupons I fully intended on using but totally forgot from a couple of years ago

Five gift cards that I believe have been used up to Amazon and Borders Books

A broken black boxy thingie that unlocks the truck from a distance and no longer stays on my keychain because –as I said, the little half circle piece where it attached to the keyring is broken

Keys to my post office box

A pair of sunglasses

A small portable sewing kit (for those emergency stitchings)

Another stray earring

The top to a wand bought at The Great Wolf Lodge several years ago

And that is not to mention the other large assortment of miscellaneous paperwork I have cluttering up the space – things such as sign up sheets, random information pages of various parks/entertainment places my family has visited, receipts, prescriptions I never got filled, pictures of my son’s teeth I was supposed to give the oral surgeon’s office that I forgot about, a pamphlet on root canals, a pamphlet on wisdom teeth removal, grocery lists, pamphlets on sports programs, pamphlets on various 3K events around town like the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society thing, letters from various companies, letters from the schools, invitations, copies of things I am sure I was supposed to have given to others, printed out directions, a Christmas card and even junk mail I have forgotten to throw away when I got home.

And whenever I leave my house, my cell phone goes in the front pocket of my purse

There are at times other items that might be found in my purse such as a bottle of coca cola when I’m going to the movies and don’t feel like forking over $5 for a drink that I could buy anywhere else for $1.  One might also find a box of Gobstoppers on those same movie excursions.  At various other times there are other things to be found but they vary by the event to which I am headed.

Now you know – no more mysteries to my handbags.

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