Day 6/7 Another Blog Challenge

By JccKeith

I missed yesterday’s post about my 5 senses right now and I missed today’s post about my pet hates.  Both topics really and truly seemed silly at best so I guess I figured skipping them was no biggie.  But here it is weighing on my conscience so I thought I’d best cover them both if I wanted to get any sleep tonight.

I haven’t the slightest idea what “MY 5 Senses Right Now” should even be about.  I mean, am I missing something – did we humans develop some 6th or 7th or 8th, 9th or 10th senses that I missed the memo on?  As far as I know, mine are fairly standard.  I have eyes to see, ears to hear, skin to touch, a nose to smell, and a tongue complete with taste buds to taste.  I’ve had those 5 senses all my life, they aren’t exactly new.

I suppose I could have chosen to include some extrasensory abilities like my ‘spidey sense’.  This really only comes into play when I sense that things are about to go very wrong.  At those points I often say, “My spidey senses are all atingle.”  Or I steal a Star Wars line and just say, “I have a bad feeling about this.”  Perhaps I could have mentioned my extrasensory perception that allows me to tell the future.  I generally only get a yes or no answer out of this ‘sense’ but it is right about 50% of the time.  I just don’t call it ESP, I call it my magic eight ball instead.

Now that we have that covered, onto the next item on the list: My pet hates – which I can only assume refers to my pet peeves?  I don’t really and truly hate anything.  Hate is such a strong word and requires far too much energy to maintain, so I rarely invoke actual hatred.  As for things that peeve me well there are a few.

I thought I might make a short list of my pet peeves, just to make them easier to digest:

Poison Ivy.  It hides among it’s very similar looking cousin called Virginia Creeper (no that is not a type of marijuana, it is a vining plant found here in Indiana and surrounding states.  Looks just like poison ivy except it has five leaves and poison ivy only has three).

People who don’t like animals.  I find these people to be somewhat strange and unusual.  I love pets, I love animals, even the scary kind and I treat them with kindness.  So a big pet peeve for me is when I see people be unkind to animals.

Mosquitos.  They rank high in my list of pet peeves because they too are a nuisance and as I see it, serve no valid purpose in this world.  If they would just make a pact with me to only come outside and start biting after the sun has set when my family and I are inside the house and they must avoid fire so that anyone around a campfire is also spared bites – then they might be taken off my list.  As of yet, my letters to the Head Mosquito in Charge has gone unanswered.

My Cat.  She makes the list of pet peeves because of our ongoing dispute over where exactly it is acceptable for her to pee in the house.  I say the litterbox in the utility room.  She abides by this mostly but every once in a while for no apparent reason, chooses to pee at the bottom of the downstairs.  I wouldn’t mind this occasional peeing there except it stinks as all cat pee does.  I have offered her a way to solve this problem.  She will be allowed to pee there whenever she wants as soon as I work out the chemical formula for my cat urine odorizer water.  It is a water that when the cat drinks it, it neutralizes the stinky ammonia in their urine and instead makes their pee smell like roses or fresh laundry or other assorted aromas.  She apparently has a lack of faith in my ability to produce this water as she continues peeing whenever she wants.

I do believe that is enough for now.  I am certain I could go on and on about my pet peeves about all the petty and insignificant things that annoy me in some way but truly, what is the point.  They are my annoyances and must be dealt with by me.  So for now I say good day to you!


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