Day 4 Another Blog Challenge

Here I go again making my post on time.  Number 4 on the list for this challenge is: What am I afraid of?  It wasn’t very specific as to asking what I am afraid of in general or my biggest fear or what random things sometimes frighten me.

I can’t say that I have all that many fears.  People sneaking up on me really freaks me out.  Standing in high places on unsteady platforms kind of makes me contemplate falling which I suppose could be classified as fear.

Deadly animals attacking me is a little scary if and when that might occur – which it usually doesn’t since I avoid deadly animals – although I don’t think that qualifies as fear.  And by deadly I don’t mean the big kind that can kill me, I mean the small kind that can kill with a simple bite or sting and you never saw it coming.  The big animals don’t scare me so much.

An example are sharks. I am not afraid of sharks.  Sharks are technically deadly animals as they have no mercy and will pretty much annihilate you with a few bites, possibly even just one.  Sharks live in the ocean but I don’t avoid the ocean.  I swim in it every chance I get and think nothing of the possibility of a shark attack.  So I can’t say I avoid them.  On the other hand, there are Cobra snakes.  They are deadly and I avoid playing with them at all costs.  Now you get the idea.

So what am I afraid of at times?  There are a few things that happen frequently that I guess I could mention.  Hmm… I go to the grocery store quite frequently because I have a family of five and I’m a poor planner so I end up always needing something I forgot to get on the last trip.  This does not scare me.  However, as I stand in aisles and view various items contemplating their chemical make-ups and how on earth they ever became classified as food – there will be a creepy guy, or sometimes girl, who I will be afraid is going to come over and talk to me.  Usually this person has been leering at me the whole time I’ve been in the aisle and staring in a most disturbing way.  And… never fail they always come over and start up an odd conversation.  And… never fail I continue the conversation because I don’t want to be rude and because I have a problem figuring out how to avoid or end conversations politely.  I am not the most socially gifted person on the planet.

The thing is, although I am afraid of the start up of the conversation and afraid I might come off as rude or awkward or as nerdy as I really am – never fail – the conversation is never boring.  I have found that the creepier the person appears from a distance, the odder they are up close and the more bizarre and quite frankly, interesting, their conversations are.

I have had people approach me and begin random conversations about my thoughts on evolution, peanuts, vegetables, wallpaper, invisibility and toenails.  Yes, toenails.  I had a guy come up to me once and tell me I had beautiful toenails.  I could only assume he had a foot fetish.  People with foot fetishes do not scare me by the way.  I figured, hey, my toenails had just been manicured at the time and my flip flops showed them off so nicely – it was nice that someone noticed.  We proceeded to have a most enlightening conversation about feet and toenails.  I am not a big fan of feet myself although I walk on mine all the time.

Anyway, I am now afraid this post is too long so I’ll just end it here.  Now you know my not so deepest or darkest fears.


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