Lazy Saturday Bitterness

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I am an ambitious person when it comes to not doing things and being lazy.  While I don’t have time during the week (Monday-Friday) to do laziness, I do my best to plan for it during work hours.  Obviously, I try to keep work to a minimum at my job.  No need to get too stressed about it.  I do, however, do my best to “appear” busy, typing, focusing my face to look like I’m reading emails, moving the mouse back and forth.  Getting up in a rush with two pieces of paper that look important, viciously scribbling words on a piece of paper, putting things in a manilla folder, or “filing”.  Randomly doing things like that have become almost too easy.  The hardest part of the week is the planning for my lazy Saturday.

Here are the things I do in advance in order to create the most efficient…

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