Bad Guys Take Over the World

00By JccKeith

Whatever happened to the good old days of television where the bad guys were always easy to spot because they wore the dark glasses and had sinister laughs?  I’m sitting here tonight watching Fringe and I can’t help thinking that Agent Francis is a bad guy.
Agent Francis is a nice looking guy, he consistently helps the lead character in her investigations. He always does the right thing – or they portray him as a good agent I mean.   He has done nothing except be helpful and useful… and yet, something about his niceness, his devoutness, his good guyness, his always there to helpness – something about it just screams bad guy to me.
Does this mean that I am cynical?  Am I suspicious of people who seem too good to be true?  Or is this my nerdiness coming through loud and clear?  Am I so versed in science fiction television shows that I recognize the signs of a bad guy no matter how bright and shiny they make him look?  I’d like to think so.  Now, I haven’t looked up the plot and whether or not Agent Francis is a bad guy, he may not be, I may be completely off base.  It’s happened before.
Fringe is a strange show.  Some of the people are easy to see through.  Most are not.  The show continues to throw little loops and kinks along the way.  I also have my suspicions about several other characters.  I just focused this post on Francis because I have my suspicions he or his character will at some point be used as a bad guy.
Maybe my suspicion of people who are a little too helpful, a little too always there, a little too nice is based on the world today.  Nobody is perfect and the world is full of bad people.  I read news story after news story about the terrible things people are doing to each other.  It seems never ending the atrocities committed every day.
I find the news channels like to focus on the most horrendous story available.  I rarely read stories about the everyday good deed.  I rarely find stories about heroes as much as I find them about villains.  It is a sad state of affairs we are in when news channels feature terror and murder more because they are more sensational – more appealing to the masses than feel good stories.
I suppose those reading this post might think I belong to the masses who find such terrible stories more appealing.  I am watching a show all about the evils of the world and the people in it.  I am suspecting several of the characters of having ulterior motives and bad intentions.
The truth is – I watch this show because it is full of imagination and scientifically imaginative ideas.  I find them fascinating.  The blood and gore is what I don’t like about it.  I suspect the characters but deep down I hope that I am wrong.  I hope they turn out to be the good guys they seem to be.  I am somewhat of a dreamer in that way.  I like it when everything works out for the best.  I like happy endings.  I like fluffy, soft, sweet endings to tragic events.  And when that is not possible – I at least want the good guys to win.
What about you?  Do you like it when good guys turn out to be bad guys?  What about when the bad guys turn out to be good?  Do you like happy endings?

2 thoughts on “Bad Guys Take Over the World

  1. No, I don’t like it when I’m lead one direction — good guy, good looking — but in reality that’s not so and the good guy is a bad guy. I feel deceived. Especially if the new good/bad guy is so good looking. 🙂

    • These new good/bad guys do seem to be good looking a lot. It is so misleading based on how I was brought up where the bad guys were supposed to be ugly monsters – not suave good looking people.

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