Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!

Very Inspiring Blogger AwardI was nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Kristen at Random Musings from the KristenHead .  This is my first time being nominated for this award and I couldn’t be happier.  I finally feel like people are reading my posts and that makes me smile.  I’m thrilled some found them inspiring.  Check out my original post with pictures and a video link on Rogue Mission – or keep reading here without pics.
The Rules for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:
1.  Display Award Logo on Blog   Done
2.  Link back to the person who gave you the award   Done
3.  State 7 Things About Yourself   Done
4.  Nominate 15 Other Bloggers for this Award and Link Back to Them  Done
7 More Things About Me:
1.  I watch He-man on Netflix with my oldest daughter.
2.  I laugh every time I watch that YouTube video “I Said Hey” with He-man so sometimes I watch it when I’m having a bad day just to lighten the mood.  There is a 10 hour version of this video too. I’ve never watched it for 10 hours.  He-man I Said Hey Video Link
3.  The color red reminds me of having a headache because I had a lot of migraines as a kid and I remember watching Gilligan’s Island a lot as a kid when I had these terrible headaches.  Gilligan’s shirt was a bright red so now my mind seems to associate red with headaches.
4.  Centripetal Force is my least favorite force.
5.  I once accidentally had a fishing hook lodge in my eyelid when I was a kid on vacation in Florida.  It was blown back by the wind and caught my eye.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6.  My daughter found a baby octopus in a shell this past fall when we were on vacation
7.  I love the beach.
My Nominees for Very Inspiring Blogger Awards:
1. Will at Willseyeview
2. Michala at Novel Chic
3. Michelle at Dancing Through Life
4. Ashley at Drunken Space Penguin
8. Christine at cicampbellblog
11. Kevin at Cooking Athanasia
13. Melissa at By Candlelight
14. Lorraine at Lorraine Reguly’s Life

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