Liebster Award!!!


I was nominated for a Liebster Award  by Kristen at  Thanks so much Kristen!  You can view this post with pictures on my site Rogue Mission or keep reading here.  I’ve never been nominated for one of these before so here goes:

Liebster Award Rules:
1.    List 11 facts about yourself. Done
2.    Answer the 11 questions given to you. Done
3.    Ask 11 new questions to answer for the bloggers you nominate. Done
4.    Choose up to 11 up and coming blogs (less than 200 followers) to nominate. Check
5.    Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award. Check
6.    Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. Done!
11 Facts About Me:

1.  I hate spiders but I only kill the ones I find in the upstairs portions of my house.  Any spiders on my front or back decks or in my downstairs – they get to live.  Mostly because they are massive garden spiders or wolf spiders that are just scary to go near but also because they kill bugs.  The spider webs on my decks serve to stave off the mosquito and moth populations hanging out near my outside lights.

2.  I am mortally allergic to poison ivy.  Well, almost – I break out all over from even the slightest exposure.

3.  Poison ivy likes to masquerade in my backyard as Virginia Creeper.  For those who don’t know, Virginia Creeper looks identical but it has five leaves and poison ivy only has three.  The poison ivy hides amid the large creeper population along my fence line.

4.  I have had to replace the goldfish in my goldfish pond every year since I bought my house.  One year, they were fished out by a family of raccoons and left to die on the surrounding stone patio.

5.  I feel bad if I don’t share whatever I’m eating with my dog.

6.  I never share what I’m eating with my cat.  She thinks she is too good to eat people food and she won’t eat generic cat food either.

7.  I feed all my leftovers to my rats.  They will eat anything and it keeps me from a. having to buy rat food and b. wasting food

8.  I fuel my late night writing sprees with Pixie Stix.

9.  I am incredibly shy around people I don’t know.  People mistake this shyness as snobbishness but it’s not.  I am just crippled socially by it until I feel comfortable in the situation.

10. Despite my shyness, random strangers often start up conversations with me and relate personal details of their lives and tell me interesting stories at places like gas stations, grocery stores and pretty much anywhere I end up waiting in a line of some sort.

11. If I am watching a show of any type although sci-fi or fantasy in particular – I will go for the lawful good character every time.  I have a thing for lawful good characters on shows but not in real life.


Kristen’s 11 Questions for nominees:

The Sunshine and Most Inspiring Blogger Awards don’t have questions, but you are welcome to answer the first 7 questions (or more) instead of listing 7 random facts about yourself if you wish.

1. What is your favorite video game (if any)?

My favorite video game of all time is pac man.  I don’t know why, maybe because it has this mesmerizing effect on me.
2. Do you like to sleep on a very soft surface, or a harder surface?

I like to sleep anywhere I can.  I am a tad on the lazy side of life so anywhere I can fall asleep – which unfortunately does not happen very often – is good with me.  I’d sleep standing up if I could fall asleep that way.
3. What is the most unusual food you have tried?

I’d say it was some fried crickets or something to that effect but I don’t think such things sound that odd to me.  I think the oddest thing I ever tried and actually liked was when I went to Canada.  They had this dish of French fries, brown gravy and cheese curds.  I found it odd that anything with cheese curds could taste great but it did.
4. What is your favorite odd food or meal (if you have one)?

I’m a little strange but I like white bread with American cheese, smoked turkey and Doritos.  Pringles will do in a pinch if I am out of Doritos but I prefer the Doritos.  I like that crunchy texture you get when you add chips to the sandwich.
5. What is the first sense you turn to when describing something in your writing (taste, smell, touch, sight, etc)?

That’s a tough one but I’d have to say sight is used most frequently as a first sense although smell comes in at a close second.
6. What is one of the cutest things you have ever seen in your life?

Wow, I don’t know I guess maybe puppies and kittens sleeping next to babies.           
7. What is the ugliest thing you have ever seen or experienced (this can have to do with feelings, or inner ugliness, etc)?

I’d have to say people are some of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen – people can be ugly when they’re deliberately trying to hurt others.
8. Do you prefer typing or writing with a pen or pencil and paper?

I love writing with pens and pencils on paper but I find here recently I am typing more because I am short on time and need to accomplish a lot of writing in a short period of time.  I type faster than I write so I end up typing.  I do prefer to handwrite out everything though, there is just something about it that appeals to me.

9. What is your favorite thing to drink?

Coca Cola.  Hands down, no contest – I drink Coca Cola like it’s going out of style.  I live off the stuff.  If on the rare occasion it is not available, I prefer hot tea made in my Tigger coffee mug with water and a single tea bag and a few drops of honey.

10. Do you prefer road trips, airline travel, train travel, or other (when going long distances)?

I’d have to say that the furthest trips I go on are in my mind and more often than not I can fly – without the use of wings or an airline.  I just can.

11. What is your favorite way to watch TV, movies, and videos? For example, do you watch everything on your computer or sling it to a big TV? Do you use a Tivo, a DVR, or Netflix? What is your set-up?

I watch my favorite sci-fi shows on my big screen television.  I also watch Netflix on the same big television as it is hooked up to my xbox through which I get my Netflix.

My Nominees for Liebster Awards:


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