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Attempting to build a writer platform, I am constantly checking the stats on my blog.  It is like a little obsessiveness with who and how many people are viewing my work.  At first I was only posting new episodes of Rogue Mission, the fantasy show from my novel Guardians of Ayan.

Then I had a revelation.  I entered the A-Z Challenge and my whole world changed.  I realized that I received a lot of comments from people.  These people were reading my daily alphabet posts.  As much as I wanted to make this blog only about Rogue Mission, I realized that was unrealistic.

I have been doing a lot of research and it has confirmed my thoughts.  More people visited my blog when I was just posting things about random things and funny little quips of my own personality.  Some of these people were then taking the time to read the episodes of Rogue Mission.  I went from 7 or 11 views on the episodes to over 100 per episode – even the older ones.  This meant people who were arriving at my blog to read the A-Z posts were interested in those posts enough to look for more.

The daily posts led them to want to know more or at least read more of my stuff. I suppose they figured if I was interesting in my daily stuff then my writing would probably be interesting too.  These newer episodes of Rogue Mission were then interesting enough to make people want to go back to the beginning to find out more.  It was thrilling for me to have people suddenly start taking notice of my efforts.

So what do my stats on this blog tell me about the people viewing it?  Well not a lot actually.  I find the stats to be somewhat vague.  I have most of my views from the United States. The majority of views are sent to me from the following referring sites:

some website something

some other surf the site and a few various others I don’t feel like looking up right now.

The stats aren’t the cool ones like you get for telelvision shows like age range of the average viewer, preferences for post topics, favorite colors, favorite songs, etc.  I only bring this up because I just read an article on Yahoo about Walking Dead and other shows and who their main viewers are.  I love Walking Dead.  But back to my post – Really the only thing that offers any insight into who my viewers are and what they prefer are the comments.  Comments make all the difference – well, comments from real people not bots.  Bot comments are annoying.

My point in this post?  Well two things:  First, check out the posts, read them or at least click on them for a quick looksee.  Second, comment. Having page views is awesome and really makes me smile but the comments are what make my day.  I love reading them, I love responding to them and they give me an idea of what people enjoy about this blog.  I encourage everyone who reads this to take a minute to comment, not just on my blog but on every blog you read today.  It makes all the difference in the world sometimes.

So what are your favorite topics to read?  Writing tips?  Reviews?  Contests?  Stories?  Funny tid bits about nothing?


8 thoughts on “Say Something!

    • Good to know, I was wondering about short stories, if people enjoyed reading them. I did get a lot of views on the short story I had published and posted on the site. Thanks for the response!

  1. Very well expressed 🙂 I was actually only saying to my wife at the weekend that I was surprised that my ‘articles’ (thoughts, opinions, etc) drew more interest than book reviews, interviews, and all those things we’re advised to add as ‘draws’. That fact amazed me!

  2. “So what are your favorite topics to read? Writing tips? Reviews? Contests? Stories? Funny tid bits about nothing?”


    Nice post. As for the quote above, I suppose I enjoy a smattering of them all. Not so much contests, nor reviews that much, but tidbits about nothing, which is actually about something dear to the person writing it, and short stories, along with poetry.

    I subscribe to quite a few blogs, and one aspect I enjoy is reading the comment sections. That in itself can provide other insights, besides the original blog.

    Take care,

    • Paul, I have to agree with the reviews, I am not a fan of reading reviews as much as I am the random tid bits about various topics and the occasional short story. I too read through the comments on blogs I follow because it does tell you a lot about what others are getting out of the post that person wrote. Thank you for taking the time to comment on this post!

  3. Yes, I’m finding something similar. Been posting ‘ A Short Storybook Day for a Week in May’ this week and it seems to be increasing the flow to my blog. I’m delighted (obviously) because I love writing and am enjoying doing it, but it’s also a great feeling to discover there are folks who like what I’m writing.
    So let’s both keep doing it!
    Happy writing,

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