Fear of Writing a Romance Novel

Editing my book tonight, I had to inquire to some friends.  I sent them each a paragraph with a question about the wording.  My question was “does this sound too romance novelishy?”  Did I use the word novelishy?  Yes because I like to make up words – more importantly, I like to add ish to words and an occasional ‘y’ on top of the ish.
What does romance novelishy mean? It means, does this wording make this novel sound like a romance novel and not a true solely fantasy novel?  My great fear is that I am writing a romance novel and not realizing it.  I have written the book and am editing now and every time I encounter romance I wonder,
“Does this make my story a romance novel?”
I have no problem with romance novels.  I read them sometimes.  I just don’t want to write one.  I want to write a serious fantasy novel, an epic.  I want to be taken seriously as only a fantasy or science fiction writer.
I want to be taken seriously as a writer in general.  I feel if I can’t define my own work, how can I expect others to define it as what I want them to?  If I write a different novel than I planned does that make me a bad writer?
I also wonder, where exactly is the line between genres?  Who determines this so called line?  Is it the reader or the writer?

3 thoughts on “Fear of Writing a Romance Novel

  1. The line between genres. True enough; who does decide? I am currently revising my dystopian love story, but what exactly is that kind of book? What category would you place that into?

    As far as being taken seriously as a writer, you WROTE a book. That’s fantastic. I think if the book is well-written, it doesn’t matter what genre it falls under. People will, ultimately, read it because it contains good writing.

    What makes you like a book?

    Take care,

    • I hope people will read it because it is well written. I just want to make sure I try to promote it to the right readers. Maybe I’ll just create my own genre!

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