Out There on the Fringe

By JccKeith

I have given great thought on what to write about today.  My thoughts have wandered, as they so often do to everything from writing anthologies – something I’ve never done – to classic literature – something I’ve never written – and all the way back around to cool television shows.  I am currently watching Fringe.  Yes I know I’m behind the times but I am now a fan.  Before I get into why, let me regale you with my prejudices against the show:
The truth is, I really wanted to dislike the show.  I just can’t stand the acting of that Joshua Jackson guy from Dawson’s Creek.  At the prodding of my husband – and our lack of a television show to watch on Netflix instantly (we are watching Game of Thrones via DVD in the mail and The Borgias via Showtime every week) – I was guilted into giving the show a chance.
Watching the first episode, I found plenty to dislike.  The main female character was a bit whiny and drama laden and damsel-in-distressish.  And then there was Joshua Jackson playing his usual uninteresting character with the typical “I’m too complicated to care about things” attitude.  I found the show to be a modern, updated version of X-files in many ways – but I liked X-Files and I have all 9 seasons on DVD and both movies.  (I hated the show at first but later grew to love it).
Alright, having said all that, the show had some major redeeming qualities.  First and foremost, it has that guy from Lord of the Rings who played the Steward of Gondor.  Yes, I recognized him immediately and knew he was an excellent actor.  I even took the time to look up his name, it’s John Noble by the way.  His character in Lord of the Rings was named Denethor, just so you know, and his character on Fringe is Dr. Walter Bishop and he’s a lunatic – sort of.  His character has been in a mental institution for many, many years.  He’s a bit of a mad scientist – which made me immediately like his character.
Having worked in a lab for many years myself, I can relate to the show on that level.  I can also dislike it for the same reason.  A part of me always dislikes shows that exaggerate what is possible in a lab.  CSI is notorious for its ridiculous lab feats.  But this show I could overlook such things.  Their lab work is fun, eccentric and the writers make it ‘seem’ plausible.  By seem I mean in a far out sort of way where it is entertaining to watch without being too seriously real.

Now, onto the part readers might find interesting.  Being the nerdy nerd that I am, I love science fiction, fantasy and any other geeky type shows.  As I have mentioned several times prior, I am a big Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis fan.  So for a tid bit about me, I thought I would enlighten you on just how I became this way and fell in love with these shows.
I grew up watching MacGyver as a kid.  I loved the show, I still love the show.  I have all 7 seasons on DVD.  Being a scientist I do realize and am aware of how impossible many of the things done on the show are.  That’s beside the point.
I like Richard Dean Anderson.  I think he’s a good actor.  So, liking Anderson, I decided I might like the show Stargate SG-1 because he was the star.  So I gave it a chance.  At first I didn’t like it what with the military aspect and the wormhole travel and some of the characters were too much.  I kept watching and low and behold, fell in love with the show and couldn’t get enough.  I now have all 10 seasons on DVD and love the show.  I have a few action figures from the show.  As I said, I’m a big fan and quite a nerd about it – if you don’t believe me, let me mention that I just acquired the action figures within the last year and I’m 35 years old.
Anyway, liking Stargate SG-1 I was disappointed when Richard Dean Anderson left the show to retire or spend more time with his daughter or whatever.  I did not like Ben Browder.  I didn’t know who he was.  I saw him as a crummy replacement for Col. Jack O’Neill.  I also didn’t necessarily like the introduction of Claudia Black’s character Vala instead of Amanda Tapping’s character Lt. Col Carter.
I didn’t care for Ben Browder or Claudia Black but I had heard great things about their show FarScape.  I figured, I liked Jim Henson and I love Australia so I gave the show a chance.  I disliked it at first.  The puppet aspect of it was distracting and it reminded me of Saturday morning cartoons.  But I kept watching and began to love it.  I now have it on DVD.
It was after watching FarScape that I began a fascination with Ben Browder as an actor.  I have since altered my view of him on SG-1 and he is one of my favorite characters.  I have both action figures for him as Jon Crichton from FarScape and as Lt. Col Cameron Mitchell from Stargate SG-1.
Liking SG-1 I decided, when I finished watching the series, to give Stargate Atlantis a chance.  I didn’t want to like it.  I felt like it was a rip off of SG-1.  They were just using the same formula, same character types to try and make money off the name Stargate.  I didn’t like Major Sheppard.  I felt like he was a poor version of a Jack O’Neill type leader.  But I gave it a chance.  Now it is one of my all time favorite shows and I have all 5 seasons on DVD.  I also have, as I mentioned the other day in my post, the action figure of Lt. Col. Sheppard.  I have Dr. Weir, Teyla Immogen and a wraith queen.  Man, I am starting to really sound like a complete super nerd.
Are you noticing a pattern?  I have this tendency to not want to like a character or show.  I have a problem with accepting new characters and shows.  My whole problem with Joshua Jackson stems from Dawson’s Creek.  I just never really got into the drama heavy show.  I didn’t like the characters.  Now, however, as I watch more episodes of Fringe I am finding I like Joshua Jackson’s character.  I foresee a possible new DVD collection in my future.
Now for a little interconnection between the shows: I loved MacGyver.  I love Australia.  MacGyver was played by Richard Dean Anderson.  Richard Dean Anderson went on to star in Stargate SG-1.  Ben Browder and Claudia Black were stars on Stargate SG-1.  Ben Browder and Claudia Black were on an Australian television show called FarScape.  John Noble is not only Australian but was a guest star on an episode of Stargate SG-1.  John Noble plays Dr. Bishop on Fringe.  Fringe also stars Joshua Jackson who gained fame from Dawson’s Creek.  A guest star on an episode of Dawson’s Creek was Joe Flanigan.  Joe Flanigan starred in Stargate Atlantis.  Stargate Atlantis was a spin-off of Stargate SG-1.

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