Ending to Distant Episode of Rogue Mission

“Saissae,” Tenir’s mind silently called to his goddess.
It was a natural instinct of his body to call for her aid in times of duress.  All Forlay held a connection to Saissae.  She would sweep in to save them in times of trouble when the need was dire.  But on this occasion, Saissae was beyond his reach.  She held no dominion in the Sinicarh realm.
“Saissae,” the name repeated as it always did in his thoughts.  His eyes closed as the burden of power withdrawing from his body grew too strong.
“Tenir,” the soft voice of Ariele spoke clearly in his mind.
“Was this a trick? Was Bovial somehow making it seem as though Ariele were speaking to him?  Was the sorcerer invading his thoughts again?” Tenir let the questions crowd out her voice.
“Tenir, open your eyes.”
“Thank Darshen you are o.k.!” Larcel rushed forward to assist Ariele with Tenir.
“I am,” Ariele leaned against Tenir’s chest as the stone of Ailaesi faded back to its dull opal appearance.
Still weak from the attack, she lacked the strength to stand.  She was concerned that Tenir too lacked the strength to stand.  The light of power had receded and the heat dissipated from his skin.  His eyes had closed.
“Wake up Forlay!  Open your eyes!” she spoke thought to thought commanding his attention from the deepest recesses of his mind.
“Aeseptare Moartus,” Bovial spoke above the bodies of Ariele and Tenir, “Risa Repropartare.”
“Death has no hold,” Arkness translated out loud without thinking about it, “Rise and refresh?  Is that the cure for invocation of Illari or is this some other spell you are casting?”
“As I said, this was not an invocation of Illari.  Orlan cast Soul Death.  It is quicker and easier to create a bond between the soul and death.  It is also very effective against the Elsh.  Ariele’s soul is not so easy to dismiss in death.  She is bound by the stone of Ailaesi and it will not be taken without a fight.
Sentient stones of power will latch onto the nearest source of life and draw power to restore.  Tenir is connected to Ariele and thus connected to the stone.  It restored her through him.”
“Stay away from them Vidaran,” Larcel stepped back to create a barrier between Bovial and Tenir and Ariele.
“I just saved their lives Arben.  You should be kissing my feet for caring enough to do so.  I will take no more of this impudence from you and your pathetic foolishness.”
“You just said the stone saved their lives.  Which is it?  Was it you and your dark magic or was it the stone and its power or was it possibly just Tenir?  He has recovered from such before and saved Ariele on prior occasions with his power.  I don’t think you did anything at all.  I think you are more trouble than you are worth.”
“You are irritating me warrior.  Careful or I will put you in your place.”
“Larcel, Bovial, both of you stop it,” Arkness pleaded.  Glancing over at Tenir he hoped the Forlay would recover soon enough to prevent the impending battle between egos.  Tenir had a way of soothing.
Opening his eyes slowly, Tenir looked cautiously at Ariele.  He hoped she was awake.  He hoped it was really her voice he had heard.  He hoped whatever had drained his power had ceased.  Feeling Ariele’s body against his own he sensed her presence.  He sensed her thoughts.  She was awake and waiting for him to answer.

Smiling at the sight of her opened blue eyes his relief was short lived.  The sound of shouting between Larcel and Bovial distracted him quickly.
Looking at Ariele in their knowing way, Tenir released his hold upon her. Rising rapidly to his feet in one swift motion he stepped forward to stand between the warrior and the sorcerer.  Raising his hands outward he recited words of peace.  Settling this rivalry was a must.
“Cawelu rhwy hedwyh,” Tenir spoke in Forlay.
Summoning strength from within, he repeated the words.  His skin beginning to heat and the light returning, his eyes glowed with their deep green fire.  Natural yet powerful, his words elicited an immediate cessation of anger between the two men.  All eyes fell upon him as he commanded silence.  More than their lack of words, he ensured the return of peace among the group.

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