Distant Episode of Rogue Mission

It’s been a while since I wrote any new episodes of Rogue Mission.  For those craving some Tenir action, I thought I would post a snippet of a Rogue Mission episode found in my novel Guardians of Ayan.  Enjoy.

“What do you want?” Larcel demanded as he glared at Orlan.

Glancing over to the far corner of the cavern, Larcel spotted Ariele.  Bound and gagged, she looked bruised and weak.  He knew she would heal, was probably doing so already.  He wondered what tortures she had endured at the hands of Orlan.  It had taken too many days to find her, too long to track down Orlan’s lair.  Tenir had paid a high price to gain the information to locate where they were keeping Ariele.
“I want Tenir.  I know what he had to do to find this place.  Where is he hiding?” Orlan answered calmly.  There was no need to threaten or to shout.  He was in control.  This was his territory.  Larcel was far beyond the reaches of Endaren’s aid.  The War God would not be interfering, not in this realm.  Neither would Darshen, the Arben’s God of Battle.
“You have me.  I have come to settle this.”
“Yes.  I do have you.  I have something you want.  I am not releasing her until you give me what I want.  Give me Tenir.  He is weak now.  His efforts to find me have left him vulnerable.  Tell me where he is and I’ll let your precious priestess go.  It is a simple exchange.  Him for her.”
Larcel gripped the hilt of his dagger tightly as Orlan’s guards began encircling his position.  He knew Orlan could not be trusted.  He was planning on killing them all.  Studying the evil sorcerer’s eyes, Larcel figured he was just waiting for Tenir’s location before ordering his guards to kill.
“Tenir is my friend.  I will not betray him,” Larcel answered with defiance.
“Tenir is just a useless Forlay.  You have no alliance with him.  It is to Ariele the priestess you have sworn your allegiance.  Endaren owes his allegiance to her goddess Isciris.  You bear the mark of Endaren on your chest for all to see.  Warrior, as one who bears the mark you too owe your allegiance to Isciris and the high priestess who serves her,” Orlan could see the surprise in Larcel’s small brown eyes.
“You thought I did not know.  You thought you could keep it secret from me.  I know you, Larcel.  I know where your loyalties lie.  It is your choice, Ariele or Tenir.  Who will you save?  You only have one chance to get it right.  I will kill her if you fail to give me Tenir.  Choose now warrior.”
Orlan lifted his hand in the air to signal his guards to close in on the warrior.  He could not be trusted.  Although alone, Larcel was a superior and dangerous fighter.  He could easily take out a small group with his dagger.  Turning his attention to the priestess, he began to speak in the Vidaran language.  As a Vidaran sorcerer, he needed no physical contact with his victims.  Having them in sight was enough.
“Moartum vil.  Moartum ia acera soll.  Moartum caee ia…” Orlan spoke clearly and calmly in Ariele’s direction.
Larcel watched as Ariele began to wither.  Elsh withered when they died.  Their silvery white hair turned ashen and dull.  Turning the color of earth her hair fell limp upon her back.  Her eyes filled with grayish haze and she gasped for air.  Something, whatever Orlan was saying, was preventing her from healing.  Ariele’s eyes rolled back into her head and her body slumped.
Suddenly the voice of Orlan ceased.  Choked off mid sentence, Larcel saw Tenir’s hands forming a tight seal around Orlan’s throat.  The Forlay had materialized at last just behind the sorcerer.  His presence no longer cloaked, all could see his attack on Orlan.  Soldiers began to attack.
Lunging forward, Larcel struck the nearest set of soldiers with his weapon of choice, the duras dagger.  Slashing easily through their ranks, he made his way towards Ariele.  Fearful at the thought he might already be too late, he quickened his pace.  Thrusting his dagger into the tight narrow bodies and withdrawing rapidly to strike the next, he was fast.  His assault pushed the swarm of soldiers back but not far enough to reach the priestess, not yet.
Tenir squeezed the air from Orlan’s lungs.  Losing his grip with a weary slip of thoughts, Tenir too felt the fear that Ariele was beyond his help.  Quickly realizing it was Orlan in his mind inciting the fear, he cloaked his thoughts once again.  Sneaking up on the sorcerer had been difficult and required all of his concentration.  It would be no less difficult to keep his thoughts cloaked now.  Focusing on the easiest way to stop Orlan from any further attacks, Tenir conjured the only spell that came to mind.
“Yr wryth ai.  Yr Wryth ai eichr aeirhywr,” Tenir spoke hastily.
Binding the sorcerer with Forlay magic was the best way to prevent his attacking the others from afar.  It would not last long but it would give them time to escape.  Repeating the words a third and fourth time, Tenir’s voice deepened with each recitation.
Orlan cringed as his hands curled into immoveable forms.  His lips would not move.  He could not speak.  His words caught in his throat and he struggled against the spell.
Flailing his arms about and clawing at Tenir’s arms to loosen his hold, Orlan freed himself from the Forlay’s grip.  Shoving Tenir roughly to the ground he kicked at his chest.  Landing one heavy blow to the solar plexus he managed to cause Tenir to take a few moments to recover his breath.  Orlan stomped at his chest a few more times before fleeing into the darkness of the cavern.  Better to lose this battle with Tenir than lose his life.
Regaining his breath and standing up, Tenir returned his thoughts away from chasing Orlan and to a more permanent incantation.  He had to stop the soldiers or they would never reach Ariele in time.  He recited a set of words that echoed throughout the now emptying cavern.  Soldiers began to flee leaving Larcel amid the bloody bodies of fallen warriors.
Finishing his recitation, Tenir stepped down from the terrace and found himself amid the bodies.  Sliding one off his boot, he stepped forward and moved quickly around the pile.  He ran to Ariele’s side and unwrapped the bindings holding her to the chair.  Larcel joined him saats later.
“Can you save her?” Larcel asked Tenir as they carried her body out of the cavern.
                Tenir wanted to collapse.  Weak from finding Ariele then from cloaking his presence and his thoughts from Orlan he wasn’t sure he could heal her.  He was not a healer.  To heal anyone he had to summon someone else or use a talisman.  The goddess Isciris could Ariele or he could  call upon the stone of Ailaesi Ariele bore upon her chest, her gift from Isciris.
Either would take what energy he had left.  He was uncertain if Isciris could be summoned to this realm.  If he attempted and failed, his energy would be gone and Ariele would die.  The stone could be called upon in any location or so he believed.  He was not certain either.
“We need to get to Arkness,” Tenir directed Larcel as they exited the cave.  “I need to know more about the stone of Ailaesi Ariele wears.  It is our only hope.”

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