Bits N Pieces Short Story Contest


Tuesday April 30- Monday May 13th
Use the following sentence, “As he washed his blood from her shirt…” as either the beginning or ending of your story.
The topic of the story should be horror.
*1000 word limit.  You do not have to use all 1000 words but if you go over you will be eliminated.
Submissions can be done in one of two ways:
1.     If you have a blog of your own- Post your short story on your website with the header:
             Bits N Pieces Short Story#2. Then under the contest listing leave a comment with the link address.
2.)    For those without their own blog- Shoot us an email with your short story in the body. No attachements will be opened.

9 thoughts on “Bits N Pieces Short Story Contest

    • Thanks Jon! Can’t wait to see how many responses we get from the reblogs and now a tweet too! Can’t thank you enough for spreading the word!

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