It’s tough to be Rogue

I have been trying to set up a Facebook page to go along with the Rogue Mission blog.  I set up the page and posted a bunch of the artwork and episodes along with a few events.  Facebook told me I needed 30 likes.  I only had 2.

I thought getting likes would be easy.  I see some pretty strange pages on Facebook and they all have way over 30 likes.  I mean, how hard can it be to get people to just click a simple little button?  It is completely impersonal and will not negatively impact your life in any way shape or form – it’s just a click of a favor.  So, easy enough, right?

As it turns out – it’s pretty tough.  I posted on Google + asking people to come by for a visit. I posted on twitter and I posted on Facebook itself. I only posted once on Google and twice on twitter because I didn’t want to annoy people.  To save having to post again – I even invited a few people to like the page.  Now I am up to 8 likes and it has been a few months.  So I still need 22 for Facebook I guess to consider me legit enough not to pester me anymore with how many likes I have.

I am not sure why Facebook cares how many likes I have.  Why is it so obsessed with being liked?  Does Facebook have some kind of low self esteem issues that it needs to spread around to those of us trying to get a page up and running? I am glad life is not the same way.  Imagine if Life kept notifying you everyday when you woke up that if 30 people don’t like you then you do not exist or your existence is not valid enough.  Also imagine if in order to get those likes you had to resort to personally inviting people to like you.

“Yes, hello, could you please like me so that my existence will be validated?”

Imagine if you had to walk around all day everywhere with a number over your head of how many people liked you?  There would of course be all those popular people with a number in the thousands over their head.  I would be walking around with an 8 over my head.  It’s a little embarrassing.  But Facebook insists it is the way to do things so not only do I have to have a least a showing of 30 likes but if I don’t, it will remind me and everyone else continuously that I don’t.

For anyone who wants to be a pal and help out a Rogue, check out the page and if you can find it in your heart – click the like button: Rogue Mission Facebook Page

Back to the whole topic of like and what it means in terms of blogs – If followers are the ‘like’ of the blogging world – which service do you find easier to gain followers?  Blogger or WordPress?  Do you have both?

5 thoughts on “It’s tough to be Rogue

  1. Definitely easier to get followers on WordPress, Blogger makes it a pain for people to comment, Facebook even when people like it doesn’t mean they see your posts only a few will see them best thing is to link up your pages so when you post on your fb page it automatically tweets it and vice versa remember that only fb people who actively comment on your posts see them and that messages fly past in peoples twitter feeds so as long as it isn’t every two seconds a few posts a day wont annoy anyone

    • Thanks for the info Paula. I hadn’t thought about the fact that very few people see the fb posts or twitter posts. I hadn’t been making very many so as to avoid annoying people.

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