A-Z Challenge: V is for Vendetta

Today’s letter is V and I thought what better way to use it than to give a little bit about the story V is for Vendetta.  Originally a graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd, it first appeared in black and white in 1982.  It was published in Warrior, a British comic anthology by Quality Comics.
The story was centered around a future United Kingdom ruled and abused by a totalitarian government following a nuclear war.  A mysterious figure who calls himself “V” emerges as a revolutionary and sets about overthrowing the corrupt fascist government through elaborate and violent means.  He is very theatrical about his actions and always dresses with a Guy Fawkes mask with shoulder length, straight black hair, black gloves, tunic, trousers and boots along with a conical hat and floor length cloak.
V, due to the government’s experiments on him, has increased strength, endurance, reflexes and pain tolerance.  He was the only survivor of the experiment known as Batch 5.  V took his name from the roman numeral of the cell in which he was kept during the experiments.  His revolution against the government leaders is in retaliation for their experimentation upon him.  He fights against the totalitarian system, against fascism and for anarchism.  He believes the people should rule themselves as they see fit.
Later accomplice and ultimate successor is Evey Hammond, a sixteen year old girl whose entire family was lost due to the Norsefire government.  Norsefire is the evil government entity dominating the people through fear and force.  Evey learns to appreciate V and what he stands for along with his actions and why they are necessary.  She eventually, upon his death, takes up the cause and continues the fight.
The reason Evey’s acceptance of V and his actions is necessary is due to the consistent theme throughout the series.  There is some question as to the methods V employs.  His weapons of choice are daggers, bombs and tear gas.  He is violent and extreme.  He is a bit of a vigilante as he does take justice into his own hands albeit justice as he judges it. This is exemplified in… Keep reading

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