When to rewrite your novel

I found this really helpful

Theasaurus Vol. 82

serc.carleton.eduLately, a number of people have contacted me requesting feedback for their writing projects. One of the big questions that keeps cropping up is: “Do I need to do a major rewrite?” This is a hard question to answer, and my usual response is: That depends on the details.

With any writing project, large or small, a solid plan and reliable structure are essential. I frequently return to the drawing board and map my work to check that it’s still doing what I originally intended. This is important even if the finish line is in sight – in fact, especially when the finish line is in sight, because by this stage I’m usually so close to my work that I can’t see the flaws anymore.

Mapping my work even at this late stage can be really useful – and it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll then have to rewrite the entire…

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