A-Z Challenge: O is for Ohkylr

ImageThe ohkylr is a long tube in the back of the neck of an Unwanted.  This tube is responsible for balance and coordination.  Damage to the ohkylr is not fatal but will seriously cripple the beast.  It is usually attacked to throw the opponent off balance and cause them to expose the volet.

The ohkylr and the volet are mentioned in the Rogue Mission Episode 7, Part One entitled, “The Unwanted.”

This episode focuses on a battle between Railixx Sansgarr, father of the main character, Tenir Sansgarr, and an army of Unwanted.  The Unwanted are demon like beasts born of darkness.  Railixx, as a Forlay from the living planet Saissae, was born of light.  Railixx battles the beasts in a fight to the death.

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