A-Z Challenge: N is for Nadur the Elsh Homeworld


By JccKeith
In the Alina Ceo, Nadur is the fourth planet from the Central Star.  The Alina Ceo is the planetary alignment around the Central Star.  In Earth terms, the Alina Ceo is a solar system around a star the inhabitants of the Alina Ceo have named the Central Star.
The Elsh, who began the coordination of all of the planets of the Alina Ceo and their peoples reside on Nadur.  It is their home world and the location of all Elsh leaders.  The Elsh are responsible for many of the terms and languages used on most of the planets in the Alina Ceo.  References to time are based on the passage of time on Nadur.
*Summary: Nadur, Elsh home planet, created by Elsh mother goddess Nadiath.  Fourth planet from the central star.  Nadur is the planet upon which all time in the Alina Ceo is referenced.  Nadur has seven seasons, five land masses, twelve seas, three mountain ranges and one desert.*

Basic Information: 

Nadur rotates around the central star while spinning on a tilted axis.  A cycle is the amount of time it takes for Nadur to make a complete circuit around the Central Star.  It requires 420 dyds to make a complete circuit thus a cycle is 420 dyds.  A day in Nadur is the amount of time that light shines, on average, on the central land mass known as Hela.  A day lasts 10 orhas and night lasts for 10 orhas.  Thus, one complete ‘dyd’ is 20 orhas.  An orha is equivalent to 50 minots.  A minot is equivalent to 50 saats.
Nadur is solely an Elsh planet.  There are no other species that live on Nadur.  The Elsh are not a corporal species.  Elsh are a magical species all their own.  Nadur is the main Elsh planet where all higher order Elsh live.  Normally, an Elsh planet may have one or two different elwhyth, or tribes.  There are eight elwhyth in total. There are eight leaders, or arwyd as they are known, living on Nadur as representatives of their elwhyth.  Each arwyd maintains a household of their own elwhyth members.  In addition to the eight arwyd and the members of their households, there is also a general population of Elsh living on Nadur.  This general population is a mixed group of Elsh.
The general populations are free nations of Elsh made up of Elsh who have chosen to leave their elwhyth and serve no Elsh god or goddess in particular but acknowledge all equally.  The general populations are found on the other land masses on Nadur.  There are four other land masses besides Hela.  The largest of the other four is Rith which is located in the Northern Hemisphere.  Gith is located in the Southern Hemisphere.  Kerat and Maveo are located to the west and east respectively in relation to the main mass of Hela.
Hela is a large expansive land mass made up of eight palaces surrounded by eight regions corresponding to each palace or elwhyth.  Hela, being the most central land mass, experiences seven seasons, four of which are warm and three of which are cold.  The beginning of each cycle is marked by the presence of a particular constellation known as Ryash in the night sky at exactly the orha of 10.  At the orha of 10 on the night of Ryash, the amount of orhas of day is exactly equal to the orhas of night.  The night of Ryash begins the season of cumaro.
Cumaro on Hela is a moderately warm time of the cycle and lasts for exactly two months, as do all seasons.  The next season is Meharo which is also moderately warm but frequently subject to changes in weather systems.  Meharo lasts for two months.  The third season is Fiaho which is warmer in the first month than Cumaro and Meharo but hot in the second month.  The hottest season is Caliao.  After the two months of Caliao, the planet of Nadur enters an area of the Infinitum which causes a reversal of the planet’s position, instead of tilting towards the Central Star, Nadur suddenly points away from the Central Star.  Due to this sudden shift in position, when Nadur enters the Usharum Region, known as Usharu – the season of Primar begins.  Primar is a cold, wintry season where drastic weather changes occur, storms, precipitation, etc.  Primar is followed by the season of Cano which is not as icy cold but cold nonetheless.  The weather settles as the planet once again begins to tilt towards the Central Star.  After two months of Cano, the final season of Nadur occurs, it is known as mileio.  Mileio transitions the planet from mildly cold as in Cano into mildly warm as in Cumaro.
Nadur boasts several large beautiful forests and three prominent mountain ranges.  Land masses are divided by twelve bodies of water.  The largest mountain range is located on the land mass of Rith.  The highest peak on the entire planet is located in this mountain range.  The mountain range is known as the Caleds.  The highest and most dangerous peak is the Cruan.  The second largest mountain range is on Gith.  This mountain range is known as the Hawddyrs.  The third mountain range is on Maveo and is known as the Shesyhs.
Legends on Nadur:
Kerat is the only land mass which contains a desert.  In the middle of Kerat is a medium sized area devoid of precipitation and life of any kind.  Nothing lives in this desert known as the Tiywal.  The Tiywal is considered a forbidden area.  The Elsh fear it and never set foot upon it.  The sand of the Tiywal is deadly to Elsh.
The Tiywal did not always exist on Nadur.  The area is cursed.  Long ago, after Nadur was first created by the supreme Elsh mother goddess Nadiath, the planet was cursed in this spot by the Vidaran god Ir.  Ir cursed this spot of land on Nadur due to what occurred upon it.  An Elsh priestess named Thiara Goldentree fell in love with a Vidaran halfgod named Alwal.  Thiara was the high priestess of the Elsh goddess, Esia, sister of Nadiath but resigned her position to seek a life with Alwal.
Nadiath was insulted by Thiara’s choice of a Vidaran over the Elsh.  Thiara left Nadur with Alwal to escape the persecution by Nadiath.  Thiara and Alwal settled together on the Vidaran planet of Gheshil  under the protection of Alwal’s father the Vidaran god Ir.  Ir was betrayed by another Vidaran god and Thiara and Alwal were delivered to Nadiath.  Nadiath destroyed the couple and buried their remains beneath her sister Esia’s temple on the land of Gith to remind all Elsh of the price of betrayal to any Elsh god or goddess.  Ir discovered the resting place of his son and daughter in-law and confronted Nadiath.
Nadiath refused to speak with a Vidaran, despised as they were among the Elsh.  Ir warned Nadiath to repent and apologize for her actions.  When Nadiath refused, Ir swore revenge against her and all Elsh people.  He destroyed Esia’s temple and cursed all of Esia’s land turning it from a paradise into a barren desert.  All Elsh who dared set foot upon the desert were pulled into the great depths of desert sand never to be seen again.  Esia herself died within the sands attempting to save her people.  This only served to further the animosity between the Elsh and the Vidaran.

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