A-Z Challenge: M is for Mehar

Mehar is a fictional planet from the sci-fi/fantasy show Rogue Mission.  It exists in the solar system known as the Alina Ceo.  The Alina Ceo is one of millions of solar systems within the Infinitum.  The actors who play the roles of the characters on the show Rogue Mission exist in a ‘real reality’ in the Infinitum. In their ‘reality’ the Alina Ceo is the actual name for their solar system but Mehar is not a real planet.
Mehar is the eighth planet from the Central Star and rotates around the star but does not spin as it rotates.  Due to its stationary position as it rotates around the star, half of Mehar always faces away from the star.  This half of Mehar is in constant total darkness.  Due to this particular characteristic of their planet, the Arben, the race of corporals that live there, have evolved night vision.  They can see clearly in total darkness.  Their senses of hearing and sight in general are also much more developed than a normal corporal species.  Their skin, due to constant starlight on the inhabited side of Mehar, is tougher and tanned, able to resist the effects of radiation and heat.
The Arben are the only race inhabiting Mehar although various other races do visit and trade with the Arben.  Arben are a well liked and well known race among the Alina Ceo.  They are considered to be a just and righteous race.  All Arben are warriors and are renowned for their militaristic abilities and proficiency with weapons of all types.
The Arben warriors draw their strength, guidance and morality from their god Darshen.  Darshen is an ancient god.  He is older and wiser than many other gods or goddesses but he is not one of the Great Gods.  The Great Gods are a more highly evolved and more powerful race of deities.  Darshen is a god of battle but he is known for his peace making abilities, his leadership and for his battle strategies.  He is fair and impartial, never condoning the killing of innocents, killing for sport or killing for revenge.  Unlike many gods and goddesses, he is not ruled by his emotions.

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