A-Z Challenge: L is for Latavian, Lucipher, Luke, Leia and Leftovers

Today was Saturday so my daughter’s did not have school but they brought up some stories anyway.  One was telling me about something a boy named Latavian did in their class.  It made me think about names, unique names.  Latavian, at least in my experience, is unique.  Lucipher, although used abundantly in various religions and texts, is a somewhat unique name as I know it usually refers to the same person.  I also like the unique nature of the names Rocco, Nazareth and Maya.
These names are all different from the usual names around here.  I would not use any of those names, as they are not different enough, in any of my stories.
Names are very important.  When you hear a name, long before you ever meet the person, you have an image come to mind.  These images are based on your personal experiences in the world and with other people.  Every person has different images come to mind at the mention of certain names.  An example is the name Daniel or Danielle.  I always see a brown haired, pale skinned person because everyone I’ve ever known with those names has had brown hair and pale skin.
When I write my stories, because they take place on other worlds usually or in other times, I need uncommon names.  I need names no one has heard before or a different take on a common name.  The thing is, I can’t just make up any name.  The name has to fit the character.  If it doesn’t fit the character’s image and personality then it can ruin the entire story… Read More

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