No Link On This One

I just wanted to post that I have immensely enjoyed reading all of the a-z challenge posts I’ve found.  There are countless others I haven’t yet visited and I am certain would love.  I am finding many new blogs and websites through this challenge that I otherwise would have never encountered most likely.

For those whom I have found and joined your site, I do take the time to read your posts daily or at least, as often as you post them.  I do not follow so many blogs and websites that I can’t take an hour or two and read all the daily posts. I try to read each and comment if possible.

Sometimes my comments may be only I love the post or great post but usually only because I want to let people know that I did take the time to read the post and enjoyed it.

Maybe I am the only person who gets excited about comments.  Maybe that is just me but I like comments.  I like it when people do more than just click the ‘like’ button.  I like that too but comments mean more.  It means someone actually read the post.


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