A-Z Challenge: K is for Killing in the Name of…

Killing in the name of literature – how many people have you killed recently?  Me, thousands, I have killed off thousands of people in just the last couple of days.   Why? Well to be honest, I killed them off in the name of a goddess of the moon.  The rest I killed off because they were simply wastes of space on a page.
There are a few more characters that deserve to be killed off but they will survive.  Why?  They will survive and thrive for a while because they are the bad guys. Bad guys never get killed off right away.  What would a story be without the antagonist being around to do their job by antagonizing the hero?  So the slippery folks of the dark side survive against unbelievable odds because they are just as important as the good guys.
There is no ultimate resolution if there is no problem to resolve.  So how do I build up a general illusion that someone is the bad guy?  How do I portray him as… Read MoreImage

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