One Hit Wonders of Literature

Think writing a novel destined to be a classic is tough?  Try surviving to publish a second.  These authors didn’t:

One Hit Wonders of Literature

I’ve been writing short posts all day.  No need to break my stride so here goes.  I thought, for all those who wonder, “Where are they now?” about some classic figures in literature, I’d enlighten you.
They’re no longer among the living.  That covers that.
Let’s do a one hit wonder post anyway and look at authors who only had one hit, one brilliant novel which would later (now) be considered a classic.  Note: These authors did have other works just none that measured up to the standard of their most famous work:

1.       Oscar Wilde and The Picture of Dorian Gray.  Social rebel, yes, brilliant, yes, consistently successful, no.  In his day, this novel was considered outrageous and morally corrupt but it was great enough to ensure him a place in Literature classrooms everywhere today.  He died at a young age from cerebral meningitis.

4 thoughts on “One Hit Wonders of Literature

  1. Hi JCCKeith!

    Thank you for the nice posting, one-hit wonders, and it is extraordinary the amount of talent showcased in your short list. Thank you also for following my blog. I appreciate it! Take care.

  2. Congrats on your winning of the NaNo 2012!! That is a feat in itself! Thank you also for some interesting information which I was not aware of!
    This is very interesting blog and I thank you for dropping by mine or else I may not have got to yours in a timely manner! I’ll be back!

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