Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1182878_woman_writing_in_the_agendaI read this article on yesterday, entitled “5 things you can do right now to be instantly smarter.” (Link given if you want to read. Please note that uses language some might find offensive.) One item–number 5–really got me thinking, in terms of when it might be most productive for us to write. It says:

Work at the worst time of day, with the worst kind of people.

It cites a bunch of experiments scientists have run, and it uses this basis for its conclusion:

  • When we’re at ease and with lots of energy–at the top of our game– our brains are really good at continuing the processes and doing the tasks we tackle on a regular basis, but we resist breaking out of the box. To cite the article: Your well-rested, socially comfortable brain is pretty good at thinking inside the box — accessing that…

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