Friday Afternoon Ramblings

The New Ramblings of D.A. Adams

Sometimes it’s easy to let the naysayers bring you down, and believe me, there are plenty of naysayers in this world.  For my part, I’ve always struggled with a sense of legitimacy and often find myself allowing negativity to create self-doubt, even when that negativity is dis-proportionally small.  For example, currently on Amazon I have 80 total reviews for all four books combined.  Two of them are 1 star; one is 2 stars; six are 3; and the rest are either 4 or 5.  On Goodreads, I currently have 76 ratings with a total average of 4.2 stars, with four 1 and 2 star ratings but twenty-eight 4 and 5 star reviews on book one.  Rationally, I look at this and understand I should be proud to have so many positive reviews, but that part of me which feels phony fixates on the bottom end.  The self-doubt creeps into my consciousness…

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